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Do you want to ...
  • Test your existing DeFi strategies?
  • Optimize or train a new DeFi strategy?
  • Stress test your new DeFi smart contracts?

Compass Labs 🧭 developed dojo, an agent-based DeFi simulation software operating at the EVM smart contract for realistic and risk-free testing and training of DeFi strategies and smart contracts.

Dojo is derived from the Japanese words representing immersive learning, and we believe that our solution captures the essence of this concept

✅ Features

✅ Runs at smart-contract level

  • dojo forks the actual blockchain and runs on the same smart contracts that would be run in real life.
  • This eliminates concerns about bugs in the model or missed assumptions about the protocol, and enables capturing micro-effects that impact simulation results, such as precision and rounding.

✅ Runs locally on your machine

  • dojo operates fully on your local machine.
  • There is no sharing of information about your strategies or simulations with us or any other party.

✅ Simple Python interface

  • dojo's interface allows full experimentation with strategies using Python.
  • Take advantage of Python's rich ecosystem of tools for data analysis and visualisation.

✅ Transaction ordering

  • Directly edit the order of transaction execution for simulating various MEV scenarios.

✅ Custom data integration

  • dojo sources it's own protocol events data for a subset of environments.
  • For environments we don't natively support, you can load in your existing datasets.

👀 Upcoming

👀 Market impact model

Simulate the market's response to your agent actions. With support from Senior Fellows at the Alan Turing Institute, Imperial College London, and the Oxford MAN Institute, dojo will include more complex market scenario models.

👀 MEV models

Simulate block inclusion probability and transaction ordering.

👀 CEX data

Get access to CEX spot and derivatives data for you simulations.

👀 Multi protocol/chain simulations

Conduct simulations across multiple protocols and chains simultaneously.

👀 Execution Environment

Transfer your strategy from the Dojo fork to mainnet without any modifications, since dojo runs at the smart contract level.

⬇️ Protocol integrations

dojo currently integrates with UniswapV3 on Ethereum. We are soon integrating BalancerV2 and are enabling simulation on Polygon and Arbitrum.
If you want your chain or protocol to be integrated with dojo, reach out!

🥳 Get access to dojo

dojo is currently in beta testing. Reach out for priority access & feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback: